Friday, February 28, 2014

Importance of Mobile network boosters in the modern world

Today, mobile network has become an integral part of our lives. We cannot imagine our day without using our mobile phone. It helps us staying connected to our near ones and colleges. These play a huge role in running our businesses. Almost every day’s useful gadget is replaced by our cell phones. We can connect on different channels with our family and friends with the help of this little wonder. We are completely depended on this small device when we travel for pleasure or business. Our mobile not only connects us to the outside world via text or calls, we can also access internet on it.

So a mobile device with good quality signal can do wonders for us. With the expansion of mobile technology and new innovations being introduced we have started to face challenges as well. Mobile signal congestion and signal being completely blacked out are few of the issues we face today. There was a demand to find a concrete solution to these problems as these lead to missing important information and losing business. Some mobile technology engineers were working on such a device and came with the idea of Mobile network booster also known as mobile signal boosters. This small device helps in boosting the signals of an area in a house or office.

A typical Mobile network booster packet comprises of a big antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna. To receive signals from outside the big antenna is placed on one of the outside walls of house, where it can get clear mobile reception. Then the outside antenna is connected to the amplifier placed inside your house or office, to boost the signal. This further connects to the internal antenna to broadcast the signal. So when you receive a call the big antenna gets the signal and sends it to the internal antenna, with the help of amplifier this signal becomes strong enough to connect the call. Similarly, when you make an outgoing call the same amplifier boosts the signal and the big antenna outside transmits it further to mature the call.

These devices have come a long way since their invention. Since then we have seen a constant improvement in its technology and functionalities. These are proved to have worked perfectly for both houses and offices. The requirements are different for both the places so it needs to be setup differently for each place.  In some cases the installer may insist to inspect your place and suggest a custom made plan to meet your requirements.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Everything you need to know about Mobile network boosters

At times mobile signal may die completely and become so weak that you can’t talk anymore on your mobile phone. This happens due to several reasons. If you face this problem when you are inside your home or office, it may be due to the size of the building which may be blocking the mobile signals. It is hard to believe, however, it is true that it may be due to the building material used at the time of construction which may block these signals. If this happens on a regular basis, it becomes very annoying.  Moreover, if you work from home or manage your business over mobile phone, this issue will have a huge impact. Dropping signals will also affect your data services on your mobile phone and you may be running behind your schedule as you missed some information.
With the expansion of industries worldwide, everyone needs to stay connected and updated. We cannot risk losing business due to such an issue. Experts on a large scale were working on some solution to this problem. Lately, a new device has been in news which has resolved the signal dropping issues to a great extent. This device is called Mobile network booster or a mobile signal booster. After sufficient testing this gadget was launched in different global markets. These boosters came in picture only a few years ago and we can notice a constant improvement in their functionality. These are available in different specifications so these can meet the requirements of both homes and office. As the name suggests, it is used to strengthen the cell phone signals of an area or a house. Mobile network booster boosts the signal of mobile phones. It does that with the help of a big antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna.
This process is very simple to understand and setup. An antenna is placed outside where it can get clear mobile reception. Then a cable connects the outside antenna and the amplifier placed inside your house or office, to boost the signal. The big antenna placed outside your house will receive the signals, strengthens it and sends them to the small antenna. The same process is followed when you try to make an outgoing call.

When you make a call from your office/home, the indoor antenna picks up the signals from your phone, which are then amplified and rebroadcast to the antenna placed outside. You get all the signals and mobile signal booster connects your call immediately. You will have full signal bars on your mobile phone and you can use your mobile from your house. In case you use your mobile to access your data services, this helps in stabilizing your data connection and you can stay connect without any interruptions.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Advantages of having a mobile phone jammer

We humans have this tendency to come up with new ideas to make our life easier. One such idea was mobile phones, which came into existence only a few years ago. There are countless uses of Mobile phones we can imagine today. We use this amazing device for almost every task in our daily routine. This wonderfully compact gadget has completely changed the way we interact with our friends and family. It also brought a huge change in the way we conduct our businesses.   

Although, mobile has made our life easier and it keeps us connected to our loved ones and business partners, on some it turns out as a hindrance also. There are some places where a silent environment is needed. People are expected and requested to switch off their mobile phones or keep it on silent mode. This disturbs the other attendants. These places can be religious gatherings, library, meeting room, cinema halls, schools, colleges and examination halls. Due to our heavy dependency on our phones some people are able to obey and others don’t care about it. These places need undistracted attention of people, so an accurate solution for this problem was well sought. A few years ago such a device was introduced which is called Mobile phone jammer.

These jammers basically block the signals from a mobile phone and stops them being broadcasted to the nearby base station. Since the nearby base station could be out of reach of this device, it jams the signal of mobile. This technology has done wonders in the education sector in different countries as the students started to pay more attention in the class. Furthermore, this compact device has helped a lot of universities and colleges to conduct cheating free exams and peaceful classes.

Apart from educational domain we found this device very useful in offices. These are helpful in conducting a hassle free conference without any distractions. However, if someone needs to call urgently he/she may step outside the room and their signals get restored immediately.

Over the time this device has been improved and become more compact to be carried around. It is now so small that one can carry it in his/her pocket. This feature has enabled to use these mobile phone jammers at more places. We can carry one such device while travelling as well. We can spend more time with our family and avoid distracting calls or texts from random marketers.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mobile signal booster for individuals, families and professionals

In today’s world our mobile phones play a major role in our daily life. These small devices have become an integral part of our daily routine and help us perform our tasks quickly with more efficiency. However, we still use it to make and receive calls. It is very annoying if we are not able to call someone due to lack of signals or poor signal reception. At times, due to several reasons mobile signals may become weak or die completely. It may be due to the building material used at the time of construction which may block these signals. In some cases, the size of the building plays a major part in blocking the mobile signals. 

These situations may get on your nerves specially when you need to call someone urgently and there is no signal in your mobile phone. If you operate your business or work from home, this issue may have a huge impact on your business or job. Mobile network booster or a mobile signal booster is a device used for boosting the cell phone reception of a local area or single house. Mobile network booster boosts the signal inside an office or house by the usage of a reception antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna.
An antenna is placed outside your house where it can get clear cell phone signals. Then a cable is connected between the outside antenna and the amplifier placed inside your house to boost the signals. Installation and usage of this device is very simple and anyone can do it.
You get great call reception and mobile signal booster connects your call in no time at all. Whenever you make a call from your office/home, the indoor antenna picks up the signals from your phone, which are then amplified and rebroadcast to the antenna placed outside. No matter how deep inside the building your house is, you will always have full signal bars on your phone.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mobile Phone Jammers for cheating free exams

Mobile phones are most popular among the youngsters. They socialise online and keep in touch with their friends and buddies. On the other hand mobile phones in student’s hands are not less than a nightmare for the teachers. Especially at the time of examination, the examiner has to keep a close eye on each student who may be cheating using his/her cell phone. As soon as a new device or technology is launched the mischievous youngsters find a new method to misuse it and cheat in exams. Student may send text, chat or even search online to cheat during exams.

To avoid such situations a mobile signal jammer can be used. It can temporarily stop or block the mobile signals in a room or examination hall. Such devices are popularly known as Mobile phone jammers.

A wide range of Mobile phone jammers are available in the market, they come in various shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of the users. These Mobile phone jammers are easy to install and use. These are becoming popular as its usage is expanding day by day. They are proved to be useful in meetings and important sessions. These jammers can also be used in examination halls to provide a less disturbing exam environment. This will not allow any student to cheat in examination hall. They will not be able to text, call or search online on their cell phones. The student may go outside the class to make a call which will not distract the whole class. As the students will not be able to use their cell phones during the exams, the result will be cheating free examinations.  The teachers will be less distracted and will not worry about the possibility of cheating during exams.

Mobile phone jammers are handy and anyone can use them. Teachers can easily carry such mobile phone jammers in his/her pocket and use it when needed. If needed, mobile phone jammers can easily be switched off which will restore the mobile signals and the students can make and receive calls.