Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Everything you need to know about Mobile network boosters

At times mobile signal may die completely and become so weak that you can’t talk anymore on your mobile phone. This happens due to several reasons. If you face this problem when you are inside your home or office, it may be due to the size of the building which may be blocking the mobile signals. It is hard to believe, however, it is true that it may be due to the building material used at the time of construction which may block these signals. If this happens on a regular basis, it becomes very annoying.  Moreover, if you work from home or manage your business over mobile phone, this issue will have a huge impact. Dropping signals will also affect your data services on your mobile phone and you may be running behind your schedule as you missed some information.
With the expansion of industries worldwide, everyone needs to stay connected and updated. We cannot risk losing business due to such an issue. Experts on a large scale were working on some solution to this problem. Lately, a new device has been in news which has resolved the signal dropping issues to a great extent. This device is called Mobile network booster or a mobile signal booster. After sufficient testing this gadget was launched in different global markets. These boosters came in picture only a few years ago and we can notice a constant improvement in their functionality. These are available in different specifications so these can meet the requirements of both homes and office. As the name suggests, it is used to strengthen the cell phone signals of an area or a house. Mobile network booster boosts the signal of mobile phones. It does that with the help of a big antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal rebroadcast antenna.
This process is very simple to understand and setup. An antenna is placed outside where it can get clear mobile reception. Then a cable connects the outside antenna and the amplifier placed inside your house or office, to boost the signal. The big antenna placed outside your house will receive the signals, strengthens it and sends them to the small antenna. The same process is followed when you try to make an outgoing call.

When you make a call from your office/home, the indoor antenna picks up the signals from your phone, which are then amplified and rebroadcast to the antenna placed outside. You get all the signals and mobile signal booster connects your call immediately. You will have full signal bars on your mobile phone and you can use your mobile from your house. In case you use your mobile to access your data services, this helps in stabilizing your data connection and you can stay connect without any interruptions.

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